Fast moving Sorting Robot

Sorting Robot

Zippy, robot capable of performing high speed sortation from Addverb works on the concept of collision avoidance enabled by bar code reading to perform SKU wise intelligent sortation at very high speeds. Zippy's Process

  • Zippy reads the barcode of the load and relays the information to the Fleet Management System
  • Fleet management system directs Zippy to follow the optimal path to avoid congested route to the destination chute
  • Zippy follows the barcodes and drops the load into the destination chute
  • HIGH THROUGHPUT Zippy sortation system gives 20,000 sorts/hour
  • SAVE SPACE Chutes require less space vis a vis conventional sortation systems
  • SAFETY Entire sortation operations are fully automatic making the system safer
  • SCHEDULING Predictable time consumption that facilitates easy scheduling
  • HIGH ACCURACY Zippy offers 100% accurate sortation of parcels